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R.I.26 Firebricks (Product Code PA35)
These bricks measure 229 x 114 x 76mm. They are a high grade refractory insulating brick for use to a maximum temperature of 1430C. They are for gas kilns firing Stoneware.

Air set jointing cement is a fine, plastic air-setting refractory mortar, based on suitably grade and processed silimanitic aggregates with the requisite chemical and ceramic bonds. It hardens at normal atmospheric temperatures, and further hardens with the application of heat, to give a strong gas-tight joint in the service temperature range of up to 1550C.
Ready to use from the container, for the bonding of refractory bricks when building a gas fired pottery kiln. When laying bricks, the thinnest joint possible, will give the best results. If thick joints are required, mix equal parts of cement with finely crushed fire brick grog.
Do not use this product near the elements in an electric kiln. If patching, use the same method as used for thick joints.
It is preferable to dry out this product as soon as possible after the completion of the required work. Use a slow fire bringing the temperature up to 300C eventually. 
Left over cement can be left in the container, level off the surface and cover with a little clean water. In order to prevent premature hardening of the cement, due to exposure to the atmosphere, keep the container well sealed when not in use.
Air set jointing cement contains caustic alkali silicates and care must be taken to avoid contact with the eyes and skin. If splashed in the eyes, wash well with clean water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention if irritation persists.

VERMICULITE (Product Code PA40)
Vermiculite is used as  an insulation between the outer wall and inner wall of pottery kilns and furnaces.
We recommend the following uses:-
a) As a loose fill when used in the vertical plane of the kiln. It should be consolidated during installation. This can be done by pouring 10cm deep at a time and then gently compressing it about 10%, or if this is not possible by tamping with a rod or vibrating it.
b) For use on the top edge of arches. A concrete can be mixed by using 5 parts vermiculite to 1 part of Cement Fondu.
Vermiculite concrete can be mixed by either machine or by hand. It is important not to over mix as this can lead to undue compaction, higher density and balling up. The vermiculite and cement should be mixed together dry before adding water. It is an advantage where possible to spray water into the mix or to pour it from a watering can fitted with a rose, as the even distribution makes it possible to reduce the total water content.

Durablanket - (Kaowool / fibrefrax / ceramic fibre....)

A heat resistant, man made fibre, very much like houshold insulation, used to line kilns. Available by the roll or in meter lengths and 1mm, 25mm & 50mm thickness. The material is easily cut with a sharp knife and applied using Air Set Jointing Cement. Protective clothing of gloves, mask and a long sleeved shirt are recommended when handling this material as it may irritate the eyes, nose and skin.

Kiln Furniture    Shelves


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